Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla

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Astor Piazzolla Born in 1921 in Mar del Plata, Argentine, Astor Piazzolla dies in Buenos Aires in 1992. For his sixth birthday his father offered him a Bandoneon. He was disappointed, because he would have liked to get a pair of roller skates, but he starts learning to play the instrument. As he is attraccted by classical music, later in his life he studies composition with Alberto Ginastera, a famous composer of his time and then with Nadia Boulanger in Paris, who was world wide one of the most influential teachers. Thus Piazzola obtained a solid education as a composer.

Nadia Boulanger saw that Piazzolla would find his style and his identity in the tango and she encouraged him to continue his career in this direction. A new phase began for him and would determine his life.

As his mind was continuously looking for innovation and he was bold in the search of new tone colors, rhythms and harmonies, his works evolved all the time. Although Piazzolla encountered many refusals, critics and frustrations for quite a time he gained finally a well merited place. One could say that his music thus depicts also the landscape of Buenos Aires which is always in evolution, too, looking always for new things and where the instinctive part of his music is anchored.

Piazzolla has created a revolutionary style of tango which resonnates far beyond the borders of the folk music and belongs now to the universal repertoire. His music has been played on the most famous stages of the world. There is no doubt that he is one of the most eminent figures of the Argentinian music.