Giovanni Battista Martini
Nicolas Jacques Lemmens
Georgi Mushel
Leonard Bernstein
Sigfrid Karg Elert
Léon Boellmann
Louis Vierne
Fantaisies dialoguées

Chantal de Zeeuw, organ
Gérard Occello, trumpet, bugle

VOL IC 216

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Track, Title Listen Caddy
Giovanni Battista Martini
01. Toccata (2:54) 0.49
Concerto en la mineur
02. Allegro (4:03) 0.49
03. Adagio (3:38) 0.49
04. Vivace (3:46) 0.49
05. Sarabande (1:43) 0.49
06. Gigue (2:26) 0.49
Nicolas Jacques Lemmens
07. Prière (3:02) 0.59
Georgi Mushel
08. Toccata (4:56) 0.59
Leonard Bernstein
09. A Simple Song (4:38) 0.59
William Mathias
10. Processional (4:08) 0.59
Sigfrid Karg Elert
11. Saluto Angelico (4:54) 0.59
Léon Boellmann
12. Fantaisie dialoguée (8:45) 0.59
Suite gothique
13. Prélude (2:20) 0.59
14. Menuet gothique (2:38) 0.59
15. Prière à Notre Dame (5:13) 0.59
16. Toccata (4:00) 0.59
Louis Vierne
17. Final de la 1. symphonie (7:84) 0.59

Total Time 1:10:18

FANTAISIES in DIALOGUE (on the main registers) , new transcriptions for organ and trumpet

In the immense volume of the Cathedral Saint Sauveur in Aix-en- Provence,* the great organs are mixing their timbres with the trumpet, both of them performing as soloists or ochestra. Leaving the path of the traditional repertoire for Organ and trumpet for more than 15 years, Chantal De Zeuw and Gérard Occello are passionate discoverers of new sonorities, thus inspiring the music of these instruments with fresh imagniation, and fully revealing the orchestral dimension of the organ sound.

The choice of this program, stretching from the 17th to the 20th century, takes part in the tradition of the transcription. The two artists follow the steps of composers and musicians of all times and also from many contemporary instrumentalists.They want to highlight works of their liking, especially from the repertoire of the organ, where the trumpet is finding a marvellous place.

The rich palette of the organ registers, together with the different tone colors of the trumpets employed (C, piccolo and bugle) create a renewed charm of this traditional marriage, by enriched contrasts and effects. Some of the musical atmosheres are strongly suggestive and evoke, like a soundtrack, beautiful film scenes.

* This is the first recording since its restauration in 2001.


1. Toccata - Giovanni Battista MARTINI (1706 - 1784) Italian musicologist et composer. A Franciscain monk, he was choirmaster of the Franciscain church in Bologna. Mozart was one of his disciples.

2.-4.Concerto in a minor - VIVALDI (1678-1741)-BACH (1685 -1750) Antonio Vivaldi, Italian composer and violoniste, became famous by his dramatical and contrastful concertos. This concerto was originally written for orchestra: it is one of the concerti for organ, harpsichord (or for four harpsichords) by Vivaldi which Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed for organ. Gérard Occello and Chantal De Zeeuw propose a version for organ and trumpet.

5, 6. Sarabande et Gigue - Arcangelo CORELLI (1653 - 1713) Italian composer and violoniste. Author of sonates church and chamber of concerti grossi, he founded the classical school of violon.

7. Prière (bugle)- Nicolas Jacques LEMMENS (1823 - 1881) Belgian organist. He studied with Guilmant et Widor. In addition to his tours he founded in 1878 a school for religious music, where he trained and qualified organists, choirmasters and precentors of all levels.

8. Toccata - Georgi MUSHEL (1909-1989 )

9. A Simple Song -(bugle) Leonard BERNSTEIN (1918 - 1990) American composer and conductor. He was musical director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra (1958 – 1969) and composed the music of the West Side Story (1957).

10. Processional - William MATHIAS (1934 - 1992) English pianist, professor and conductor.

11. Saluto Angelico - Sigfrid KARG ELERT (1877 - 1933) German composer and pédagogue. Piece dedicated to the Holy Virgin.

12. Fantaisie dialoguée - Léon BOËLLMANN (1862 - 1897)French organist and composer. This work was written for organ and orchestra, then transcribed for organ solo by Eugène Gigout. Here is another transcription...

13 -16. Suite gothique - Léon BOËLLMANN Student of Eugène Gigout, he was official organist of the grand orgue de St Vincent de Paul in Paris.

17. Final de la I° symphonie - Louis VIERNE (1870 - 1937) French composer and organist of Notre Dame de Paris (1900 - 1937). He was a famous improvisor and wrote 6 symphonies, 24 pieces in free style, the Pièces de fantaisie (4 volumes, 1926 – 1927).