La fleur des musiciens de Pierre de Ronsard  

Jean-Louis Martinet
C. Goudimel
C. Janequin
G. Costeley
P. Bonnet
N. de la Grotte
F. Regnard Lassus
A. de Bertrand
Florent Schmitt

La fleur des musiciens de Pierre de Ronsard

Jean-François Sénart, conductor
Ensemble Vocal of Radio Canada, orchestra

World First Recording of the Cantata de Jean-Louis Martinet, reedition

VOL IC 218

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Track, Title Listen Caddy
01. C. Gaudimel, Quand j'aperçoy ton beau chef jaunissant (2:10) 0.49
02. C. Janequin, Petite nymphe folâtre (1:03) 0.49
03. G. Costeley, Mignone, allons voir si la rose (2:39) 0.49
04. P.Bonnet, Pour avoir trop aymé (3:45) 0.49
05. N. de la Grotte,Ma maistresse est toute angelette (2:01) 0.49
06. F. Regnard, Si je trépasse (2:01) 0.49
07. O. de Lassus, Bonjour mon coeur (1:09) 0.49
08. Bertrand, Ce ris plus doux (3:04) 0.49
09. O. de Lassus, O doulx parler (4:35) 0.49
10. Florent Schmitt, Pour vous de peine, op. 104 (2:25) 0.49
Jean-Louis Martinet
Cantate "Les Amours"
11. Dedans les prés, je vis une Naïade (1:18) 0.49
12. Voicy le bois (0:46) 0.49
13. Mignone, allons voir si la rose (1:47) 0.49
14. Bel aubépin (1:25) 0.49
15. Bonjour mon coeur (0:59) 0.49
16. Quand ce beau printemps je voy (1:26) 0.49
17. Quand vous serez bien vieille (5:41) 0.49

Total Time 40:08

Pierre de Ronsard

« Ronsard, wrote the musicologist Henry Expert, was a passionate lover of music. Indeed beautiful works sung by one or two voices, accompanied or not by instruments seemed to him a necessary condition for the achievment and perfection of a poetical work.»

And the poet himself, as reported by his friend and biographer Claude Binet, liked to affirm that « poetry without music is nearly bare of grace.»

This is the ground for the presented choice of polyphonic vocal music, where musicians of the Renaissance and composers of the 20th century appear together.

The cantata « Les Amours » by Jean-Louis Martinet, who passed away in décembre 2010, occupies a special place in the present recording. In a modern language it confers these magnificent verses a perspective of immortality.

It is a pity that this masterwork is nearly unknown and the present recording is both a world premiere and unique: indeed the International Service of Radio Canada produced it in 1976 und published an LP which was the source of this CD. At that time Jean-Louis Martinet was professor for composition and orchestration at the Conservatory of Montréal.

Autobiographie de Jean-Louis Martinet :