Regina Albrink

Regina Albrink


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Regina Albrink plays the piano not only as a soloist and in chamber music, but also on the theatrical stage with the piano integrated into the dramatic scene. In fact, the theater is where this Dutch-born pianist started her career. After finishing her studies in Amsterdam with the French pianist Danièle Dechenne and at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest with Pál Kadosa and Ferenc Rados, she played Chopin and Liszt in many performances of Hans Van Manen's ballets. For the past decade, she has taken part in several theater productions centered around Chopin, which have been touring the Netherlands. A new production around Beethoven is in preparation.

Regina Albrink's solo performances include the classical and neo-classical (Stravinsky) concertoes as well as the romantic virtuoso repertoire. Indeed, she has performed the seldom heard first concerto by Eugen d'Albert. The first concerto by Chopin brought her into the `Alte Oper' in Frankfurt; according to a German newspaper, her interpretation `would have pleased Chopin himself.'

Since 1991, Regina Albrink has been giving yearly Christmas recitals in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. These concerts attract many listeners from Holland and abroad. In reviewing one of her `unequivocally excellent' performances in Britain, a newspaper described her playing as bespeaking `of tremendous control of both tone and dynamics.'

In 2002, Regina Albrink’s recording of works by the American composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk ( Voice of Lyrics VOL IC 213 ) was very well received. In France the cd made it to the week selection of Le Nouvel Observateur ( "amazing virtuosity. What sparkle!" ) and to the columns of Le Monde de la Musique. In Germany it got an enthusiastic review on the MDR radio and in the United States it keeps surfacing in the classical playlists of Philadelphia public radio ( WPRB ).