Jean-Marc Boudet

Jean-Marc Boudet


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Jean-Marc Boudet, born in 1957 in the region of Albi (south-west of France) studied trombone at the conservatories of Toulouse and Paris. His interests in composing and contemporary music began during his teen years (la tentation de Saint Antoine-1976) ; nevertheless, he chose to become an orchestral musician, a position of privilege that allowed him to observe the evolution of the avant-garde with a critical spirit. Following an extended period of time, and ironically due to his passion for the French songwriter repertoire of the 19th cenrury, he felt inextricably drawn into the realm of writing, being convinced that there was an alternative route which existed between elitism and populism.

Combining the diverse roles of composer, author and arranger, he created several shows in humorous, poetical ond satirical styles. After 20 years, this long artistic adventure provided him with a unique perspective and a certain degree of expressive freedom. In this period he created pieces of different sort, such as Disez nous Yvette Guilbert ! or his hommage to the Résistance Le veilleur du point du jour . He renames Succès inédits , his album of chansons which will not reach a greater public.

"I had to make a choice between the contemporary urgency and the impasse of the avant-garde", statement resuming his position..

Since then, Jean-Marc Boudet has dedicated himself to the pursuit of more commited musical and literary works. The creation of his opera Bistanclac , in 2010, with a libretto consisting just in a set of rules governing the personnel in a factory, marks a decisive turn in his musical poetry. He poses once more the obsessional and frightening question by Adorno: Is poetry possible after Auschwitz ? in 4 minutes et dites 33, stage parody of John Cage's works.

In his composition Soleil de Mitia and in his string quartett avec le prénom de Sarah, he gives a sketch of a « re-mastering of romantism » of which he is convinced as a necessary condition for the public to return to the concert halls.

He still is retaining his position as a trombone player with the Orchestre National de Montpellier (Languedoc Roussillon).