Romain Canard

Romain Canard


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Since his young age, Romain Canard admits a passion for theater. When he was 10, he was interviewed by Jacques Nichet (then director of the Theatre des Treize Vents Montpellier) for "Alceste" of Euripides, which gives him a chance, and the show will be a success.

At just 18 years old, Roman Canard arrives in Paris to join the famous dramatic school “Cours Simon”, a training he will follow for 4 years under the tutelage of Chantal Briere. This training will mark him forever both by its artistic dimension and the humanist side that she lavish.

Between 2001 and 2006, he played on tour "Le veilleur du point du jour" directed by Jean-Marc Boudet, a tribute to the war resistance, during which he read the most beautiful letters of the time (Guy Mocquet, Manoukian. ..)

The “Cours Simon” will give a new input to his career in 2006 when he organized a meeting with Sebastien Azzopardi, who took him under his wing to assist in staging and as an actor with the adventure: "Around the world in 80 days" . He will play more than 1300 times at Lucernaire and Café de la Gare. Then, Roman Canard tries, with talent, various assistantships: "Mission Florimont, Lady Windermere's Fan." It gets multiple Molières nominations.

In 2010 he joined “Cours Simon” as a tutor and gets the course called "college students": students aged 14 to 16 years. Given the success, it will follow the creation of a second class in 2011 ... Chantal Brière (now director of “Cours Simon”), his mentor, guides him still in the pedagogy, culture of the course’s mind.

He gets sufficient experience to indulge in various experiences like coaching and leading actor (Bankable, Do not scream, Joe ...) as well as staged in 2011 in a completely different register, "the soldier's Tale " with soloists of the National orchestra of Montpellier (show in which he played 3 characters).

After several shootings for adverts (Renault, MGen, Charal ...) or TV shows like "BREF season 2", he continues to alternate between the role of teacher, comedian and more recently in contact Jean José Rieu (former Director of “LA SCENE WATTEAU”, the “PAVILLON BALTARD”, and the French institute of Marrakech) in the context of orientated readings. Since 2011, he plays the role of an extravagant hairdresser in “Dernier coup de ciseaux”, the French adaptation of the worldwide played show "Shear Madness", at theater “les Mathurins”.