Lydia Domancich

Lydia Domancich


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From her formative years in the Paris National Conservatory of Music, Lydia Domancich took an early interest in contemporary classical music, improvisation, and aleatory music.

After meeting a number of painters, writers, composers, and stage directors (such as Jerry Koler, Tom Phillips, Michel Butor, Henry Pousseur, Jean-Yves Bosseur, Bernard Lubat, Jean-Louis Barrault....), she began to take part in various concerts and performances, notably as a member of the Intervalles ensemble.

Her first creations for dance ballets were commissioned by Jean Pomarès, whom she subsequently worked with for over ten years.

She also composed music for other choreographers such as Dominique Bagouet, Marie-Christine Gheorgiù... for the theatre and the visual arts with Laurent Chevallier, Jacques Guedj, Jean-Loup de Sauverzac, Scott Mac Clay, the Cité des Sciences, and also for a performance by an ensemble of 30 young players of a work commissioned by Gaston Tavel for the Concerts de l'Imaginaire.

She also took part in several poetry forums mixing improvisation with texts : poems by Iranian women, A "Season in Hell" by Arthur Rimbaud, Robert Desnos, Lucas, Sicaud...

She has performed live with Christian Vander, Silvia Malagugini, Abed Azrié...

She released her first solo album in 1990, the year of her meeting with Pierre Marcault, in whose company she has re-discovered the rhythmic richness she had come across in Africa.

In 1999 she created the AndoumA trio with Pierre Marcault and Aïssata Kouyaté. She was then invited to join the Sula Bassana group.

In 2005 she created the MADOMKO trio with Pierre Marcault and Bassi Kouyaté.