Pierre Monty

Pierre Monty


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Pierre Monty has received a first prize for flute at the Regional Conservatory at Versailles (as a student of Roger Bourdin), he received his Bachelors Degree at the Ecole Normale of Music in Paris. He received two teaching certificates that honored his musical achievements there, in addition he has been honored by the Charles Oulmont Foundation.

He is presently a professor at the Toulon Conservatory and at the Sorbonne. He regularly participates in festivals, masterclasses, lectures and internships. Mr. Monty is also active in the field of piccolo pedagogy.

Mr. Monty has played as soloist with the Lamoureux Orchestra.

He developed musically on the best Parisian, French and international musical scenes. He has travelled the world as a soloist in recitals, orchestral performances and with chamber groups.

Pierre Monty is the director of the International Flute Competition UFAM and he created the first competition for piccolo.