Mistérios do Rio Lento  

Celso Machado
Mistérios do Rio Lento

Celso Machado, guitar, percussion
Cristina Azuma, guitar, percussion

VOL MM 101

Price for one CD : 9.90 €

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Track, Title Listen Caddy
01. Bolinhas de Queijo (3:06) 0.59
02. Caro Amigo Gudin (2:45) 0.59
03. Suite (6:32) 0.59
04. Parazula (4:03) 0.59
05. Choroso (4:19) 0.59
06. Sambalanço (4:10) 0.59
07. Frevo Bajado (2:21) 0.59
08. Paçoca (3:47) 0.59
09. Saudades do Jobim (2:52) 0.59
10. Quebra-Queixo (3:21 0.59
11. Mistérios do Rio Lento (4:54) 0.59
12. Ponteado (5:58) 0.59

Total Time 48:14

Cristina Azuma and Celso Machado, 2 guitars and percussion

This CD contains compositions for guitar by the brasilian composer Celso Machado. This is the first time these pieces are available on CD, played by the composer himself and by a big name in the world of guitar music, Cristina Azuma.

These compositions are very well known in Europe, often recorded and played in concert. They are published by Editions Henry Lemoine in Paris.

"A vida é a arte do encontro", life is the art of the encounter, said the poet Vinicius de Moraes. Cristina and Celso cultivate that art, the instrument of their destiny, the guitar, in their hands, like a compass to guide them to another shore. From port to port this friendly vessel has collected many instruments during its travels: didjeridoo, Jew’s harp, and indigenous drums. Cristina and Celso’s reunion on this recording, fifteen years after their first meeting in a theatre in São Paulo, sounds like an "abraço", that passionate Latin embrace. In the Celso’s compositions, in the titles, and in the dedications, which pay tribute to a friend, one feels that "abraço". I, who write these lines and who partook in these adventures, can bare witness to their complicity, which is the magic of this record. Listen to the delicate playing of Cristina Azuma, the crystalline sounds of her guitar meeting the groove of Celso Machado, the master of "ritmos brasileiros". Travel. Take a leaf out of the book of friendship...

Thierry Rougier

Celso Machado comes from a large family of musicians and was already a master when I was beginning to play the guitar. In 1997, at the age of 24, he recorded his first album in the prestigious company of Marcus Pereira. Already in these compositions and arrangements one finds a very personal style of guitar playing, with lots of percussion; a style which would open the way to a whole generation of guitarists. His use of percussion is not limited to the guitar. He uses other instruments or simply his body. Some of Celso’s tracks are unique, completely atypical, whilst others are based on traditional compositional forms, one finds here beginners’ scores as well as pieces for experienced musicians. But in all the pieces the most important thing is always the music and pleasure.

It was in 1983 in São Paulo that our paths crossed, and that we started to play together. Later Celso went to live abroad. I did the same ten years later. Today he lives in Vancouver, where he has produced his latest CDs and where he performs concerts either solo or with other musicians. Among the encounters that our travels or that our concerts allowed us, we wanted to take the time to record some of Celso’s pieces. I hope that you will take part in their spontaneity and generosity.

Cristina Azuma

In fact, when we met for the first time, I was already a very experienced guitarist, but when I heard Cristina play, I thought I would have to start again... I had never heard the guitar played with such personality, musicality, and incomparable sound.

Cristina Azuma, who is also an excellent composer, is one of the most respected guitarist in the musical world. She started her career at 21, recording her first album in Brazil, which was followed by several others in the United States, Europe, Brazil and Japan. She not only dominates the guitar, but also plays the cavaquinho with great finesse and has an incredible familiarity with the Brazilian rhythms and beats.

It has been a real pleasure for me to play with her on this recording, and also a privilege to listen to this great artist interpret my compositions.

Celso Machado