Todo Buenos Aires  

Astor Piazzolla
José Bragato
Todo Buenos Aires

Miriam Nachtigall, flute
Annette Isenberg, cello
Beatrice Bregoli, piano

VOL MM 112

Price for one CD : 9.90 €

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Track, Title Listen Caddy
Astor Piazzolla
01. Adiós Nonino (9:39) 0.59
02. Alevare (6:52) 0.59
03. Primavera porteña (4:44) 0.59
04. Otoño porteño (5:35) 0.59
José Bragato
05. Milontan (5:55) 0.59
Astor Piazzolla
06. Todo Buenos Aires (5:45) 0.59
07. Soledad (7:22) 0.59
08. Esqualo (3:59) 0.59
09. Milonga del ángel (5:14) 0.59
10. La Muerte del ángel (3:36) 0.59
11. Resurrectión del ángel (6:34) 0.59
12. Oblivión (4:00) 0.59
13. Libertango (2:29) 0.59

Total Time 1:14:40

Todo Buenos Aires

Minlontango invites you with this album on a journey to the capital of the tango.

The recorded works were arranged by José Bragato und in part adapted by Milontango.

The strong and original style has not only been born out of the traditional tango, but also integrated ellemts of jazz and contemporary music. These wonderful pieces could not have been created, were it not for Buenos Aires and the remarquable musicla scene of this city. One can say that Piazzolla has mirrored it musically in the melodies, harmonies and typical rhythms of his music.

This CD is a live recording of a concert organized by the Festival of Saint Germain in the church of Correns, Var, France.