Six Nocturnes for soprano, alto et bass (vocals)  

Jean-François Sénart

Six Nocturnes for soprano, alto and bass

VOL SM 151

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Mozart, Six Nocturnes pour soprano, alto et basse

The present edition intends to offer to the singers a version closer to the Italian prosody, and also a new order of the cycle.

The Edition Peters from 1942, revised by H. Kraus suggests an articulation and a phrasing fitting better to a transcription in German than to the Italian text by Métastase. After many trials to give a more Italian savour to these trios, we had to modify certain elements, thus permitting a better defined approach to the pieces. We also changed the order of the trios which merited a revision, too. Mozart indeed had never considered the publication of these Noctures; he offered them to his mason friends, the family Jacquin, for their musical soirées in the Years 1786-88. Those players of horn and clarinette were so delighted to play and to sing these pieces that they did not hesitate to publish this music in 1803 under the name of Gottfried von Jacquin. It is not easy to give a coherent order to these trios. The proposal by Kraus, and also adopted by other publishers, does fortunately not present a chronological order, but pays too little attention to the atmosperic contrasts in the poems by Métastase. Stellan Mörner suggests in his Dictionnaire de Mozart, published by H.C. Robbins Landon, a more satisfying order, opposing "spiritual vivacity, finesse of tender sentiment and the serene character of the composer."

The adopted order is :

  1. Due pupille amabili (KV 439)
  2. Se lontan den mio (KV 438)
  3. Ecco quel fiero istante (KV 436)
  4. Mi lagneró tacendo (KV 437)
  5. Luci care (KV 346)
  6. Più non si trovano (KV 549)

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